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15/08/2012 The new Range Rover will raise the efficiency stakes
The All new Range Rover is expected to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show in September. The biggest change will be the all new aluminium body structure instead of the old steel construction. This change is likely to shed nearly half a tonne in body weight and opens the door to new engine choices and previously unimagined efficiency from the Range Rover marque. Keep an eye out for sub 200g/km CO2 emmssions.


24/12/2010 Toyota Hilux is the vehicle of choice for a trip to the South Pole
Few people will forget the Top Gear special where Jeremy Clarkson and James May drove to the North Pole in a Toyota Hilux. Well it seems that there is no stopping the Hilux and a convoy of these vehicles recently completed a trip to the South Pole, shrugging of temperatures of -56oC and climbing to altitudes of 3,400m. If you need a 4x4 to see you through the snows this winter, then one of the Toyota Hilux listed on our website may very well be just the ticket!


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